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A Recommendation for the Meadows and Functional Pathways Rehab

by Sherry Hubbard, Homewood resident

My husband and I moved to our Willow Ponds patio home at Homewood Frederick in May 2016. However, when I fell and broke my hip in December 2014, the surgeon who performed a total hip replacement explained that there was a chip/hairline fracture in my femur and I could not put full body weight on my left leg. He recommended a rehab facility for inpatient therapy.

My husband and I considered rehab facilities in Anne Arundel County, where we resided, until my sister Terry, a current Homewood Lodge resident, reminded us that I could choose Homewood. I couldn’t have chosen a better place. The Meadows is well planned, well decorated, and geared to make each resident comfortable. The staff is well trained, caring, and efficient. The food is delicious. In addition, an activity staff offers a variety of games and exercises to fill the many leisure hours.

The Functional Pathways rehab staff are personable and well trained. As they guided me through physical and occupational therapy, I observed my own progress and the amazing progress of each patient in their care.

I highly recommend The Meadows and Functional Pathways to anyone who requires inpatient rehab. Remember, you don’t have to be a Homewood resident to access this wonderful care service!

Call Rhonda Runion, Homewood’s health care center admissions coordinator for more information: 301-644-5600.