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Homewood Collection

The Homewood Collection Photography Competition
Call for Entry


Welcome to the 2nd Annual Homewood Collection Competition call for entry. The Homewood Collection is the accumulation of photographic images selected in successive annual competitions. Homewood at Frederick is holding this photography competition in conjunction with the Homewood Foundation. The exhibition and sale will benefit Homewood at Frederick’s Woodlands Assisted Living Unit and promote an appreciation for photographic art. Photographers are asked to submit digital images for judging and selection. Twenty-four (24) images will be selected with one of those images designated as Best-of-Show (BOS). If selected for the Homewood Collection, photographers will be asked to submit a specially formatted high-resolution digital file that will be printed on large format, gallery-wrapped canvas at the Homewood Foundation’s expense. For those who did not enter the competition last year and want more background on Homewood at Frederick and the Homewood Foundation please see the Background Information section at the end of this web page. If you have any questions after reading the provided material, please contact us at our email address: [email protected].

Theme for 2024: “A Moment in Time"

For the 2024 Homewood Collection Competition, the selected theme will be “A Moment in Time". The theme is the single category of the exhibition. All still photographs capture a moment in time. So virtually any photographic genre will qualify for entry. But judging emphasis will be on those images that tell the viewer the photographer captured the subject, the environment, the mood, or the lighting, etc. at a unique time or place. It is an image that captures a memorable, meaningful, unique, breathtaking, or emotionally charged scene that occurred at a specific point in time. All the rules and guidelines herein will apply.

Judging the Competition

The judge and curator for this Homewood Collection competition and exhibition is Marshall Dupuie. Marshall has extensive experience in photography competitions, both as a contestant and as a judge. In Frederick, Maryland, he was on the faculty at Hood College and taught classes at the Delaplaine Visual Art Education Center. He has exhibited extensively, and his many awards include Best of Show in the 77th year of the Cumberland Valley Photographic Salon competition. Marshall is a founding member of the Frederick Camera Clique and has operated his own photography business in Frederick.

Important Milestone Dates for the Homewood Collection Competition, Exhibition and Sale

February 16, 2024 Webpage activated to receive entries.
April 1, 2024 Deadline for digital image entry submission.
April 26-28, 2024 Email notification to photographers whose images are selected for exhibition.
May 10, 2024 Deadline to upload selected images in high-definition format.
June 21, 2024 Homewood Collection Gala Event - public exhibition unveiling.

Why You Should Enter the Competition

  • The Best-of-Show (BOS) winning photographer will be the recipient of a $500.00 cash prize.
  • The People’s Choice Award of $200.00 will go to the photographer whose image is selected by the 2nd Annual Homewood Collection Gala Event attendees as their favorite print. (Note: the Best-of-Show print is not eligible for the People’s Choice Award.)
  • There is no entry fee.
  • Pull-through Sales: Following each of the Homewood Collection’s annual exhibit and sale, your selected digital image(s) will be displayed on the Homewood at Frederick, Homewood Collection webpage with your contact information throughout the life of the Homewood Collection. Persons wishing to purchase a print from the digital Homewood Collection are instructed to contact you directly to purchase. No commission or fee will be assessed by Homewood at Frederick or the Homewood Foundation. View the Homewood Collection Gallery.
  • You retain all rights to your digital image(s) while you are granting permission to Homewood at Frederick to create one (1) canvas print of your image, which Homewood at Frederick will own, exhibit, and sell.
  • Your image(s) will receive extended public exposure by being part of the Homewood Collection’s one-year exhibition.
  • You have the right to market your selected image(s) as having been selected for exhibition as part of the Homewood Collection.
  • You are supporting a highly regarded non-profit senior living community while enhancing the appreciation of photographic art by its residents, staff, and frequent public visitors.
  • Proceeds from sales will be used to sustain the annual Homewood Collection exhibition and the arts at Homewood at Frederick.
  • Your entry is being curated by an experienced judge, who is also an accomplished photographer in the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • Photographers who have their work chosen are affirmed in their efforts, skills, and generosity in supporting this activity.
  • All participants in the competition will receive an invitation to the 2nd Annual Homewood Collection Gala Event on June 21, 2024 at the Homewood at Frederick campus.

How to Enter the Competition

Subject Matter

Natural subjects, including landscapes, isolated scenes or arrangements, wildlife, wildflowers, insects or macros and the like are preferred. Buildings and other structures are acceptable, particularly if they showcase a regional historic or cultural character or are part of the landscape. Abstract images, without a recognizable subject, are discouraged. Photo illustrations, such as composites, or strongly altered images are acceptable so long as they do not, in the opinion of the judge, misrepresent the subject, its context, or otherwise tend to mislead the viewer. Images that portray abuse, misuse or degradation of nature are not acceptable. Nude images will not be appropriate. Both color and black and white images are acceptable. Images of people are acceptable, but images of recognizable people should not be submitted unless a release signed by the subject(s) or legal guardian(s) can be provided. You can use either the form provided by Homewood at Frederick, or your own form, provided it covers the use of images as specified in “Photographer's Rights and Use of Images by Homewood at Frederick” at the end of this call for entry.

Instructions for Entry

  • Both amateur and professional photographers are welcome to submit entries. 
  • There is no charge for submitting entries. 
  • Photographers may submit up to four (4) digital images for judging. Selections of the judge are final and not subject to appeal. 
  • Entered images must be original and created by the submitting photographer.
  • Entered images must NOT have been selected previously for the Homewood Collection.
  • Each submitted image must conform to one of the following aspect ratios:  1:1 (square) and 2:3, 4:5, in landscape or portrait orientation. Entries must adhere to one of these aspect ratios to eliminate undesirable cropping when we print the image.   
  • All entries are to be in JPEG format with medium-high to high quality with low compression.
  • Color space of sRGB. 
  • Images will be no larger than 2,000 pixels on the “long side”.
  • 72 DPI is recommended.
  • Image file size to be no larger than 5 MB.
  • Do not include any signature, watermark, border, frames, or any graphic overlay. Images containing such markings will not be judged.

Recommendations: Sizing and Sharpening

The images will be judged using a webpage viewed through a browser, so they should be sized to fit on a single screen, without scrolling. Images that are too large may be reduced to fit the screen and may suffer loss of sharpness as a result. Use your photo software to resize the image to these dimensions and save it as a separate file for submittal. It is recommended that you apply sharpening to the image(s) at their final size and be careful not to over sharpen.

Entry Deadline

All entries must be submitted no later than the deadline of April 1, 2024. If any issues arise uploading your entry or you have questions, please contact us immediately at: [email protected].

Before entering the competition, please read the following section on what will be required should your image(s) be selected, and the “Photographer's Rights and Use of Images by Homewood at Frederick” section at the end of this call for entry.

Enter Homewood Collection Photography Competition

If Your Image is Selected for the Homewood Collection

This section describes what will be required should your image(s) be selected for the 2024 Homewood Collection Competition Exhibition. It is provided at this time so all entrants know what will be required should their image(s) be selected for exhibition.

Notification of Selection for Homewood Collection Exhibition and Sale

Photographers whose entry(s) are selected for exhibition will be notified by email no later than April 28, 2024. This will include the Best-of-Show $500.00 prize winner.

Your email notification will include:

  • Instructions to upload your high-resolution image(s) to the Homewood Collection drop box.
  • If applicable, a release form to be signed by the subject(s) or legal guardian(s) as described previously in the Subject Matter section.

Your selected image(s) must meet the following criteria for printing:

  • The image(s) must be identical to the entry image(s).
  • Aspect ratio: 1:1 square, 3:2 or 4:5 in landscape or portrait orientation.
  • File type: TIFF
  • Color space: Adobe RGB 1998 (this is the color space used by our printer).
  • Image(s): A high-resolution TIFF file to be used for printing; this should be at least 3600 pixels on the “long side”.

Fair Market Value

Homewood at Frederick intends to sell the standard sized prints for $300 and the Best-of-Show print for $500. We do not want to undervalue or impact the market value of your photographic work. As such, we will ask that you provide a minimum fair market price for your image(s) if your required price exceeds the values stated herein. If applicable, you can provide this information in your reply to the selection notification email.

Deadline to Upload Selected Images

The selected Homewood Collection image(s) must be uploaded for printing no later than May 10, 2024. Return all required forms to [email protected] no later than May 10, 2024.

We recommend that you create your high-resolution TIFF formatted image at the same time you create your JPEG entry to assure identical images per our requirements.

Photographer's Rights and Use of Images by Homewood at Frederick

***By entering this competition, you acknowledge you have read, agree to, and grant all permissions as stated in this Rights and Use Agreement***

The photographer retains all rights to the digital images(s), both those that are submitted and selected for exhibition and sale, and those that are not selected. If the photographer’s digital image(s) is not selected the image(s) file(s) will be deleted. If selected, the photographer agrees to grant Homewood at Frederick permission, at the Homewood Foundation’s expense, to produce a single high-definition print for exhibition and sale. The proceeds will benefit the non-profit Homewood at Frederick. Any prints that are not sold from the annual exhibition may be offered to the original photographer at a discounted price. The canvas prints may also be marketed or displayed through other means of Homewood at Frederick’s choosing. Selected digital images may also be used incidentally for publicity or promotion of the exhibition itself. Following each annual Homewood Collection exhibit and sale, the Homewood Collection images will be digitally presented on the Homewood at Frederick, Homewood Collection webpage with the photographer’s name and contact information. Persons wishing to purchase a print from the digital Homewood Collection will be directed to contact the photographer directly to make the purchase. No commission or fee will be assessed by Homewood at Frederick or the Homewood Foundation. The photographer may at any time request that their name and/or contact information be removed from the image, but by entering the competition, the photographer grants Homewood at Frederick the permission and right to display the selected digital image(s) in non-downloadable form throughout the life of the Homewood Collection.

Background Information

Who are Homewood at Frederick and the Homewood Foundation?

Homewood at Frederick is a non-profit continuing care retirement community of 650+ residents located in Frederick, MD; it is one of five campuses of Homewood Retirement Centers, Inc. More information can be found at The Homewood Foundation supports the Homewood Retirement Centers by securing charitable support for benevolent care for residents in need, capital campaigns for community enhancements, and special projects and activities within the Homewood communities.

Why the Homewood Collection Competition and Exhibition?

This exhibition of exceptional photographic art is envisioned to provide a stimulating and uplifting artful experience for the Homewood residents, staff, and the many visitors who frequently pass through Homewood’s Woodlands Assisted Living Gallery Hall. The exhibition will be refreshed through an annual Homewood Collection competition to promote an ongoing appreciation of photographic art.

What is the Homewood Collection?

The Homewood Collection consists of 24 curated images selected from the digital entries in each annual Homewood Collection competition. A single canvas print of each selected digital image will be created at the Homewood Foundations’s expense. Prints will be in large format, high-definition gallery-wrapped canvas. The actual size of the print will be determined by the aspect ratio of the selected image. Reference the current year’s Instructions for Entry to see the applicable aspect rations and print sizes. One of the selected images will be awarded Best-of-Show and will be prominently displayed as a larger canvas print. All will be exhibited at Homewood at Frederick’s Crumland Farm Woodlands Assisted Living Gallery Hall for a period of one year beginning in the month of June. The Homewood Collection Gala Event will be held in June each year to unveil the prints selected for the Homewood Collection. At the gala event and during the one-year exhibition, the prints will be offered for sale to the public with pickup or delivery at the end of the exhibition. Prints may also be sponsored for the year they are on exhibition. The proceeds will be used to sustain the annual Homewood Collection Competition and support the expansion of the arts for all residents of Homewood at Frederick. The Homewood Collection Gallery is the accumulation of the digital images selected each year. The gallery is displayed on the Homewood at Frederick website at the following link:

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