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A Night at the Opera

Homewood at Frederick presents ~ A Special Night at the Opera! Please join us on November 14th and 15th in welcoming our special guest, Linda Maguire. Linda will be performing her first concert for us at 2:30PM on Wednesday, November 14th at Crumland Farms in the MP Room.  On Thursday morning Linda will lecture and demonstrate on the power of music to escort mood, cognition and behavior, as well as brain health oxygenation science and tissue re-hydration rescue strategies. She is an inventor of numerous brain-health based devices and produces recordings, CDs, films, demonstrations, tutorials and intervention techniques. She will focus on the benefits of including Music Therapy with caregivers and elderly, particularly those with Alzheimer’s and in neurocognitive decline The lecture will take place at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, November 15th at Crumland Farms in the Mulitpurpose room.  And finally, Linda will be performing an evening Black Tie optional Opera/Theatre Music Performance at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday November 15th at the Lodge in the Event Center. There will be a cocktail hour beforehand, and a dessert intermission during the concert. These programs are open to all residents, resident families, volunteers and staff and are being made possible by the Resident Life Enrichment Endowment Fund (RLEEF). For more information on RLEEF, please contact the Homewood Foundation at (301) 582-1626.