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Hello Summer Celebration- Passport Member Opportunity

**Passport Member Opportunity** A Passport Member has submitted a financial application to the marketing team and has been approved for residency.  If you are unsure if you are a Passport Member, please contact the office for more information, 301-732-6157.  If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to Laura by June 29th- 301-732-6157 or [email protected] 

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Summer Kick Off on the Patio

Mark your calendars to join us for an Open House and Patio Party! 

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June Passport Member Opportunities

Join us for these upcoming events on campus!  If you are not yet a Passport Member, and want to enroll in the program, please contact Laura for more information.  [email protected] or 301-732-6157

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Willow Ponds Spring Open House

Make plans to join us for our Willow Ponds Spring Open House!  Tour the Lodge Community Center, Lodge apartments, and patio homes!  There are currently a handful of patio homes available for immediate occupancy that will be open to view.  If you are interested in a patio home that is available for immediate occupancy, call or email Brittany  for the latest information, 240-910-5704 or [email protected]  Kindly RSVP to Laura for the open house, 301-732-6157 or [email protected] 

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Upcoming Events

Join us for these three upcoming events! These events are open to the public and Passport Members. If you are planning to join us, please RSVP to Laura, [email protected] or 301-732-6157

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March Public and Passport Member Events

Join us for these on campus March events! 

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