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A Recommendation for the Meadows and Functional Pathways Rehab

My husband and I moved to our Willow Ponds patio home at Homewood Frederick in May 2016. However, when I fell and broke my hip in December 2014, the surgeon who performed a total hip replacement explained that there was a chip/hairline fracture in my femur and I could not put full body weight on my left leg. He recommended a rehab facility for inpatient therapy.

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Passport Members Now Have Online Access

Homewood recently expanded its Passport Program for future residents by adding a link on our website to all upcoming events that are open to Members. Passport program members are those who have submitted an application for residency at Homewood and are waiting to move in. All applicants are given the opportunity to come to campus for select events, dining experiences and other activities as scheduled.

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Downsizing Made Easier

Last year, Homewood began offering a series of free downsizing and relocation seminars to future residents. Since then, we have had 15 seminars with over 300 attendees! Our guest speakers have included senior living specialists who focus on downsizing and transitioning, real estate, estate auctions, interior decorating, moving and packing, and financial planning.

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